Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spain Has Urgent Funding Needs - Warning World Markets

Spain Has Urgent Funding Needs - Warning World

Spain Warns World Market

Madrid,Spain--Act faster. Government lost access to some markets. Borrowing costs very high. Spain doesn't have markets door open to government. Trying to continue reform drive. g7 continent not moving fast enough. Spain has urgent funding needs. Spain is Europe's fourth largest economy. Banking sector needs. Institutions in Europe need to start moving for solutions. Bail out funds has stipulations. Funds cannot bypass governments and go straight to the market. Absence of credit has caused Spain's economy to contract. Economy is still souring. Activity is shrinking. Some signs show some pick up in future. There are 27 EU leaders. Merkel of Germany has specific ideas. Not all agree. There are troubled member states. Some banks are ailing.

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